🗓 July 12 — Save the date! Count down with us to the big reveal of Webb’s first full-color images and spectroscopic data: Want a hint on how Webb will #UnfoldTheUniverse? Read more: Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

On-premises backup storage for Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 with Pure Storage FlashArray//C Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

Als #Lauterbachluegt verbreiten Querdenker eine geschnittene Sequenz, in der #Lauterbach vor dem #Bundesrat angeblich sagt, man würde nicht aufhören mit Pandemie, deren Ende würde man verhindern. HIER das Original aus der Phoenix-Sendung UNGESCHNITTEN ⬇ Gern retweet 🥁 Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

@Lufthansa_DE now 55min in your phone queue to rebook a flight that you have canceled and you do not allow to rebook in your online system. Please enhance your online system for this. Hearing the waiting music jingle for the 350st time (literally) is torture. Why not use music?

@tdewin @tdewin Thanks for all the hard work. Still a near daily used tool for me whenever I have to explain backup size, block cloning or chain differences.

@esa @ESA_Webb @NASAWebb @csa_asc @stsci @esa_sts Congratulations… great Xmas gift to the world… well done

Boom! @Veeam Q3 results deliver further evidence of our market leadership position. With thanks to our team, partners and customers, this trajectory demonstrates our obsession with customer success and product innovation. Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

What caused all the supply chain bottlenecks? Modern finance with its obsession with "Return on Equity." Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

Ok, isn't this like the coolest login screen ever??? Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

Ich bin kein Mediziner, aber setzt man die Maske nicht vor dem Ladenbesuch auf? #LaschetLassEt #CDUnwaehlbar #Laschetwelle Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

[YouTube] Did you know that Veeam has announced a new Veeam Integrated Program? I tell you everything about it on the next YoutTube video. Delighted to see how easy is to look for an Alliance, and see where it does integrate with @Veeam @gostev Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

Do you know how long every type of #Veeam restore takes? Do you have a good grasp of what your backup fabric is capable of? Do not wait to figure that out until you need to use it for real #VeeamVanguard Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

@MicrosoftTeams I am missing the option to change chat group logos. I am always lost finding chats. Search should work more like Skype and Ctrl+F should work like Skype within a chat. CPU consumption is ridiculous high and should be reduced.

I thought I would share how I, as someone who is visually impaired use my iPhone.☺️ Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

@mjbiren Nice little town in Germany... Did you know?

@Nicole_fliegt @KM_BW Na Frau Doktor #Eisenmann hat das vermutlich selbst als Wissenschaftlerin herausgefunden. Wer braucht das schon noch ein RKI oder die Leopoldina. Schließlich geht es doch nur um Profilierung im #Wahlkampf Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

@KM_BW Interessant. KM BaWü spricht nicht nur der Leopoldina, sondern jetzt auch dem RKI in infektiologischen Fragen die Wissenschaftlichkeit ab 👇🏼 In den RKI Empfehlungen ist ab Inzidenz >50 Maskenpflicht in Grundschulen vorgesehen, aber KM BaWü weiß das besser. #TeamSichereBildung Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

@CDU_BW @HagelManuel @spdbawue Also wer mit Frau #Eisentrump antritt sollte vielleicht nicht so große Töne spucken... 😉 Wie war das? -"Wissenschaft ist nicht auf der Höhe der Zeit" -"Schulen öffnen unabhängig von den Inzidenzzahlen"... Auf den Plakaten aber "Wollen wir nicht alle beschützt werden" #Eisenmann Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

"Die Entscheidung, ob Schulen und Kitas öffnen, obliegt den Kultusminister*innen". Na, zum Glück hat zum Beispiel Baden-Württemberg ja eine sehr umsichtige Ministerin. #stoppteisenmann #eisenmannrücktritt #Eisenmann Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

@MicrosoftTeams @john_moore @MicrosoftTeams and @john_moore please find a Elgato Stream Deck Microsoft Teams Plug-in demonstrator here:…

The mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are kind of brilliant at a science level. I’ve had a few people in my real non-Twitter life ask me to explain how it works so I’m going to try my best here in this thread while I’m waiting for a patient to show. Retweeted by Andreas Neufert

@MicrosoftTeams @john_moore @MicrosoftTeams it would be awesome to have an official Stream Deck Microsoft Teams Profile that allow you to list people (your team) with their images and online status. When you press on it a video call should start to that person.