Automatic VMware vSphere Client login

Hi everybody,

in my Labs and presentations I find it very unhandy to typein connection and username/passwords at my vcenter client.

You can crete a link with parameter to do so.
Also you can change the UI language to your choice.


-u Username
-p Password
-locale Location  (e.g.  de-DE for GermanUI  and en-US for Englisch UI)
-s für VCenter Server or ESX Host

“C:Program Files (x86)VMwareInfrastructureVirtual Infrastructure ClientLauncherVpxClient.exe” -u administrator -p XXX -s -locale en-US

Maybe it is not a good idea to save your password for your production environment in a link, but it is very helpful for you lab environment. If you do not add the -p parameter, it will ask you for the password, but the rest of the settings are filled out

Grüße Andy

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