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Windows 8.1 and Veeam Backup & Replication

Hi everybody….

sometime the easiest things do not work and you have a tough time to find the root cause.

A customer of mine uses an virtual Windows 8.1 as a Veeam Backup Server and also as a VMware HotAdd Proxy for Branch Offices.  For security reasons the UAC and Windows Firewall was enabled and username administrator disabled.

We found 3 major challenges in this situation:

– Backup & Replication was not able to run on an other local user than “Computername\Administrator”  (“Can not access admin$ share” error.
– Random disconnect of VMware Tools with stunning Backup Jobs.
– After adding the Branch office Backup & Replication Server itself as a Veeam proxy to Head Quarters Backup & Replication server, local hot add processing was not possible anymore. Manual hotadd of disks was still possible… strange

Solutions for this situation:
– Enable File&Print sharing to use another local admin user than “Administrator.


– The second one was fixed by enabling “high performance”  or “Höchstleistung” at the windows power options.

– Hotadd processing problem was related to different patch levels of B&R in the branch office.  The HQs Backup & Replication Server was on a higher patch level and local branch office server was not able to process hotadd anymore. Running same patch level solved it.

Happy backup…. Andy